PROGRESS GROUP - Antwerpen - Showroom

Progress Group has a limited showroom in Hoboken displaying the most popular lines from our range of more than 1000 items. This makes it easier for you to choose what you need, as well as try things on.

More than 1000 items from a variety of manufacturers

Progress Group in Hoboken sells a range of over 1000 different items. Of course, not all of them can always be readily available in stock. But there's still plenty for you to look at and try in our showroom!

Personal service and personalisation

Our showroom is open in the afternoon on weekdays and all day on Friday. You can come and see us there for advice and guidance. If you know what you need, you can also buy things online 24/7 from our webshop. Contact us if you would like us to personalise your workwear for you with your logo, company name, etc.

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